New LOL Ooh La La Baby Surprise with big dolls in bags

LOL Surprise Ooh La La La Baby Surprise — new summer 2019 hot toy from the company MGA Entertainment. New huge LOL Surprise with Big Little Sisters — Baby Surprise O La La! Who are they? Let’s find out.

Such different LOL Dolls

As we know, the LOL dolls now are:

  • older sisters;
  • younger sisters;
  • small pets;
  • large pets;
  • boys;
  • little brothers.

L.O.L. Surprise! Ooh La Baby Surprise.

But LOL Baby Surprise — is something completely new. This is an enlarged version of the little sisters. In the first wave there are three huge dolls:

  • Kitty Queen — Lil Kitty Queen;
  • Lil D.J.;
  • Lil Bon Bon.

Packing of the new big surprise

Each toy is hidden in a large pink hemisphere with a blue handle, which after unpacking can be used as a bag or a storage section (remember, almost the same packaging was in a LOL Big Surprise with 60 surprises inside?). But the LOL Surprise Ooh La La Baby Surprise is even bigger!

Original LOL Surprise Ooh La la. Оригинальный ЛОЛ Сюрпрайз в большом шаре.

The wrapper is bright — pink with blue stripes. On the side, as usual, there is a perforated zipper.
What kind of a doll is inside — picture on the package. So replicas can be avoided!

Now let’s see how many and what surprises are inside Ooh La La Baby Surprise.

Новые куклы ЛОЛ большой Беби Сюрприз.

And that within LOL Baby Surprise?

Each huge LOL sister comes with a large handbag and four surprises in bags.
In them we will find:

  • sunglasses;
  • large bottle with disappearing sequins;
  • pacifier on a cord, which is a lip gloss that changes color;
  • toy smartphone, inside of which hid the highlighter and four shades.

Every girl can use bag and sunglasses as her own fashion accessory. To keep the glasses on the head of LOL’s sister, you need to fasten them with a special latch that comes in the kit.
Lip gloss, located in the nipple, miraculously changes its color on the lips. It can also be worn around the neck as a necklace.

Блеск для губ для девочки.

And you can generally detach it from the chain and attach to a small puppet papilla (also included).

Соска для кукол ЛОЛ в шаре.

The toy bottle is filled with sparkling sequins. Try to put the baby doll on the back and feed her — glitter «magically» disappears, as if the doll drinks it!
Then just shake the bottle and the glitter will appear again.

Note that the shimmer palette in the phone is a highlighter, not a shadows. MGAE warns that using it on the eyelids is not recommended!

Now consider every huge baby girl L. O. L. Ooh La more.

Sister Lil Kitty Queen Baby Surprise

Big Baby Kitty Queen is wearing a pink diaper. She has shiny silver hair and brown eyes.

Сестрёнка Lil Kitty Queen Baby Surprise

She comes in a beautiful pink handbag in the form of a cat with shiny eyes. Inside the bag there are four surprises. By the way, the plastic surprise bags themselves in this serie are green and look like dollar bills.
The bottle has silver cap and pink glitter inside.
Glasses, a pacifier in the shape of lips and a smartphone are also pale pink.

Хайлайтер для лица.

Highlighter inside the smartphone has four shades: peach, pink, white and silver.

Buy on Amazon (for 39.99) →

Baby Lil D. J Baby Surprise

Big doll DJ with purple hair and brown eyes wears a Golden diaper.

Увеличенная куколка Lil D.J. LOL.

Very cool bag in the form of a gold cassette recorder!

Accessories include sunglasses, a pacifier and a telephone. They are also gold. Glitter in a set is white, purple, gold and pink. Use makeup on your cheeks.

The bottle is black, like the glitter stars inside.

Lil DJ Doll LOL.

Buy on for 39.99 →

Ooh La La Baby Lil Bon Bon

This baby LOL Bon Bon wears a pearl diaper. Her appearance is bright — turquoise-blue eyes, pink eyebrows and hair of three colors: pink, yellow and blue.

Малышка Бон Бон Baby Surprise

Handbag is made in the form of a beautiful shell with a handle of pearls.
Bon Bon sunglasses are narrow and pale purple. The pacifier looks like blue Bunny with a bow.

Smartphone with makeup is also blue. The glitter inside is gold, pale lilac, pearl and blue.

Buy on for 39.99 →
LOL Surprise Ooh La La La Baby Surprise are very cute, but, unfortunately, they do not move hands or legs. And they don’t change color in cold/hot water either.

Where to buy and how much are huge sisters LOL with cosmetics

Each big doll LOL Baby Surprise sold separately.
The cost in the US is 39.99 dollars.
You can order the baby Bon Bon now, for example, online at →

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